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Dharma Talks given at Freely Given Retreats
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2018-02-03 Body and Soul (Q & A) 32:43
Rob Burbea
The talks and exercises from this 'Tending the Holy Fire' retreat are intended for experienced practitioners who already have a working familiarity with this particular Soulmaking paradigm, as outlined, for example, in the following retreats: 'The Path of the Imaginal (Longer Course)'; 'Re-enchanting the Cosmos: The Poetry of Perception'; and 'Of Hermits and Lovers: The Alchemy of Desire'. Integrating that previous material and also taking the talks in this new set in their intended order will, for most, support a better and fuller understanding of the teachings from this course. Without this practice and knowledge base, the material from this retreat may be confusing and unhelpful.
Freely Given Retreats Tending the Holy Fire

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