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Retreat Dharma Talks at Freely Given Retreats

Touching Our Belonging

The Buddha taught the ‘middle way’ between extremes of desire and aversion, clinging and rejection and this enables to question our habits, our identity – places where we become rigid and suffer. Meditation and inner listening can be a precious tool in this.

And this becoming present in our own heart, our lives and in the world is not a fading out, a ‘middle way’ in the sense of bland no response. It can give us the listening and the courage to be true in who we are, connected and belonging in a wider web of life. Sensitive to where we suffer and where we cause suffering whether to ourselves or to the wider life of the planet. Maybe there are new (or relearning old!) skills in how to approach and live connected with the flowingness that is life…

In this retreat we will explore together a deeper belonging and connectedness – sensing through ideas of who and what we are with gentleness and questioning. Exploring alive and real-ising ways of sensing our place in the world and in our own hearts. Ways that are more real than the imaginations we and society create.

2020-02-24 (8 days) Freely Given Retreats

2020-02-26 Talk from Day 2 53:46
Noon Baldwin
2020-02-27 Talk fom Day 3 39:29
Noon Baldwin
2020-02-28 Talk from Day 4 69:16
Noon Baldwin
2020-02-29 Talk from Day 5 45:08
Noon Baldwin
2020-03-01 Talk from Day 6: flimsy see through privilege 65:18
Noon Baldwin
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