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Retreat Dharma Talks at Freely Given Retreats

A Wide and Wonderful Path

A samatha-vipassana retreat. From a stable developed calmness, we explore ways of looking that free body, heart, and mind of contraction and dukkha. Utilising and opening out the teachings of dependent origination and emptiness, in clear and accessible ways.

2018-09-04 (11 days) Freely Given Retreats

2018-09-05 Don't Scratch the Itch 53:37
Nathan Glyde
Looking into how the 4 noble truths bring us to freedom by dropping the demand for life to otherwise. Moving from reaction to response we lossening around clinging and craving and find the space to be intimate.
2018-09-06 Bodily Fabrication 55:52
Zohar Lavie
2018-09-07 Hidden Insight 1:15:15
Nathan Glyde
The Buddha as Bodhisattva's 2 sorts of thinking, and 4 (great) efforts as a treatment for the easing of the 5 hindrances, for the promotion of peace and wellbeing.
2018-09-08 Misperception 55:18
Zohar Lavie
2018-09-09 A Heap of Inconstant Loveliness 67:31
Nathan Glyde
Looking at the 5 Aggregates and Inconstancy.
2018-09-10 Revealed Through Ways of Looking 54:41
Zohar Lavie
2018-09-11 Righting the Ship 65:45
Nathan Glyde
Using the balancing of a great ship as an alive image for the 8 fold path of wise and compassionate equanimity. Then opening to the 12 links of dependent origination as the process of the 5 aggregates manifesting a sense of self.
2018-09-12 A Wide and Wonderful Path 43:24
Zohar Lavie
2018-09-13 Meditation Instructions - Made Up 41:58
Nathan Glyde
Meditation Instructions to open us to the empty and fabricated nature of all phenomena. Everything is made up of other things. Everything is dividable into parts, components. All is put together: Sankhara. But, importantly, it is put together from put together things, there is no end to the parts exploration. There is no 'one' at the bottom of the pile. Everything is made up. Everything is empty of existing inherently individually seperately.
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